Attention in the shipping industry in an era of
stricter global environmental protection regulations

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AMSA (Australian Government Standard)
VGP (US Government Standard)
CLASS NK standard

Sulfur content regulations for fuel
oils are becoming more stringent

Main directions for regulatory response

  • Uses fuel oil with a sulfur concentration of 0.5% or less that meets the tightening of regulations
  • Installed an exhaust gas cleaning device (scrubber) on the ship to reduce SOx in the exhaust gas
  • Use alternative fuels such as sulfur-free LNG fuels

From January 2020, the tightening of SOx regulations has begun, and there is an urgent need to change to fuel oil with a low sulfur concentration or to install a facility called a scrubber that removes SOx from exhaust gas on ships.It is also recommended to perform scrubber water analysis.

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Our service is available anywhere in the world.
Please feel free to contact us for other areas.

Please feel free to contact us for other areas.

FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions

What is the storage temperature? Is it possible to freeze the samples?The samples should be stored at 10℃ or below and transported to our lab.
Does the service engineer need to get onboard for taking the samples?The samples must be taken while the main engine is working. Please be sure that your ship crew will take the samples by following the procedure.
How much treated water is needed for analysis ?The sample water amount will be 4.5L in total from each inlet and discharge water.
W inlet and discharge waterhere can it be done ?It can be done in Japan, the Philippines, and China.
Please feel free to consult about other countries as well.
How long does it take results of the analysis?It takes about 1-3 weeks.

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